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Street Suspension

Front End Labor: 

R&R forks $75

Fork revalve $150.00 plus parts*

Fork revalve (cust. supplied parts) $200.00*

Fork seal (inverted/cartridge) $150.00 plus parts

Fork seal (conventional/non-cartridge) $130 plus parts

Fork tube straightening $50 each no disassembly/ $100 disassembly needed

Triple clamp straightening $200 must have forks and axle to repair

*most forks, some require more labor and/or machining


Rear Shock Labor: 

R&R rear shock $90 (most sportbikes/all others per labor guide)

Shock service $150.00 (OEM, Penske, Ohlins, JRI, plus parts)

Nitrogen recharge $10


Parts Prices: 

Fork Seals $24.00-$33.00 pr.
Suspension fluid $12.95-$28. per liter
Fork springs $109 -$129
Shock Springs $109-$129
Shock seals $15-$30
Suspension valving kits: call 904-881-0512
Racing brake fluid $18
Disassemble clean, lubricate, reinstall and adjust

(shock linkage, swing-arm bearings, steering head bearings) $120.



Basic Suspension and Chassis (labor only)

Remove and install front forks (sportbike) $75.00
Remove and install front forks (touring bike) $115
Fork seal replacement $130 pr (std. forks) | $150 pr (inverted or cartridge type)
Install fork springs (includes cutting off spacers) $75.
R&R rear shock, check spring rate or change rear spring $60-$90

Measure and adjust sag and compression and rebound settings $60



Install and bleed braided brake lines $75 front $40 rear
Change brake pads $15 per caliper
Clean calipers during pad change $40 pr.
Rebuild calipers $60 ea plus parts

Install Brembo (or aftermarket) master cylinder $75

Change/flush brake & clutch fluid $40 per m/c

Frame Sliders / Clip Ons / Dampener / Rearsets


Install frame sliders $40 no cut, $75 (includes cutting holes if applicable)
Install clip-ons $120

Install steering damper $30-$60
Install rearsets $60-$90


Safety Wire

Safety wire complete bike $150 (clips included)

Chain & Sprockets


Install chain/sprockets $75


Body Work

Install aftermarket body/fairing $120-$180


Tires & Wheels

Front or rear sportbike (on bike) $40 each (includes balancing)
Front or rear sportbike (wheel only) $20 each (includes balancing)
Balance only $5
Wheel bearing R&R $20 per wheel



Do you want to ride suspension that is plush through the acceleration and braking bumps, but firm on the big landings?  Do you want tractor like traction, but still be able to carve the corner?  Then bring your dirtbike suspension to Fluidology, Inc., where we will offer you numerous different valving packages, utilizing the best product for your riding style and skill level.  We offer Dal Soggio, K-tech, CSR Suspension, Ohlins, and Race Tech suspension products for your dirt bike.  Stock suspension is rarely set-up for your unique height, weight, skill level, and type of riding.  Whether you ride supercross, motocross, arenacross, supermoto, GNCC, trail, adventure, enduro, or hare scrambles, you are not getting the most performance from your suspension if it isn't set-up for the type of riding you do.


The wrong set-up results in either too harsh a ride or constant bottoming with unpredicitability, less traction and cornering ability, lack of control and confidence in your bike.


There are numerous levels of suspension available, valving from $169.00 to $2000.  So please call us, we will explain the difference and recommend the best bang for your buck.

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